Golden nuggets from the IC archives.


ILL Padre drops 8 more smoked out soundscapes laced with his trademark blend of dusty latin source material set to grimy boom bap. Get that Smoke in ya' head.


Glen Porter's epic debut LP loaded with sixteen cinematic tracks sun soaked in melancholic bliss. IF you're a Porter fan you'll want to hear where it all started.


Earthtones & Concrete, the debut LP from LA producer Sweatson Klank AKA Take. Eighteen experimental Hip Hop gems featuring Caural, Dutch Massive, and Chicken George.


Auxiliary Phoenix drops a heady prog jazz-hop hybrid along with some tasty remixes from Mattwizard & Dept. of Transportation.


ILL Padre and Rasson Arigato team up on their debut Smoke Signals EP with six tasty tracks.


The new Auxiliary Pheonix EP drops soon along with a video, join the newsletter for updates.